Monitor all your screens from one location with our Drag & Drop CMS
Web-first, mobile-friendly

Why Choose MP.TV CMS

Dynamic Visual Apps

100+ visual apps to help to customise your screen with a simple drag & drop function

Fully Customisable

Customisable colours, fonts and more to keep your screen on-brand


We offer free and universal access to all our latest updates to keep your content fresh forever

All-In-One Web Solution

You only need one CMS for all your LCD, LED, oLED, and E-ink signages.

Practical, Easy-to-use

MP.TV is built on top of a powerful next generation HTML5 based general purpose cloud based digital signage platform. It requires zero server infrastructure or maintenance from the agency.  The administrative interface is web based, fully responsive, and can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone anywhere in the world with an Internet Connection. 

Fully Customizable Content

The MP.TV allows complate freedom to build content that reflects your brand identity. Administration, management, content creation, and scheduling, are all fully enabled in a modern HTML5 Web Based Console that is accessible from anywhere. 

Built For Remote

The cloud-hosted MP.TV system is designed to ensure full control over your systems anywhere you are.

Infotainment +Advertising

Generate revenue for your business with our robust advertisement-support subsystem.

User & user Group Management

The cloud-hosted MP.TV system is designed to ensure full control over your systems anywhere you are.


Our platform has the ability to dynamically trigger content based on user input, RSS feeds, APIs, IoT Sensor data, geo-fencing, and more. This capability allows the broadest flexibility in triggering public service announcements and tailor them to your agency.


Improve engagement with your customer-base through our touch-based monitors for your wayfinding, meeting room communication & lobby information needs.

Fully Secure

We take your safety seriously. Our platform is fully equipped to ensure online threats are kept at bay. You can all add on our IOT suite to keep your systems safe from vandalism and unexpected weather changes.

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